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Centric Glass Baking Dish Sold Out!

Centric Glass Baking Dish

The Centric round glass baking dish from TrendglasJENA holds 1.6 quarts and is perfect for baking ca..


Centric Glass Set New

Centric Glass Set

This useful set consists of 3 glass bowls with matching synthetic lids for storage in the refrigerat..


Piccolo Tagine Mediterranean Cooker

This mini tagine cooker is great for cooking single serve dishes, soups, dessert breads and puddings..


Rectangle Pate Terrine

This classic yet durable terrine is perfect for cooking seafood, vegetable, meat or fish.  Serv..


Revol Belle Cuisine Casserole Dish

This Durable and decorative oven to tableware dish is designed for chefsSafe from freezer to oven, m..


Ruffled Baking Dish

This ruffled baking dish is 6 inches in diameter that can be used for serving individual dips, deser..