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Bar Accessories

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Antibacterial drying mat with silver (Mat de Séchage antibactérien)

This  product is  great for your crystal and fine wine glass and decanters. The antibacter..


Cache Bouteille - Blind Tasting Set

This set of 3 sleeves is an ideal gift for the oenophile. These sleeves are shaped to fit over the s..


Crystal Cleaner

Do you have a hard time cleaning those wine glasses that you love?  Well use this woven from th..


Electric Cocktail Shaker

You don't have to be mixologist to use this cocktail shaker.  The cocktail shaker makes it easy..


Giorgio - Hip Flask

This hip flask can fit in a suit pocket or in a back pocket.  The Giorgio hip flask is outer is..


Nutrition Cocktail Shaker

With 2400g of total intoxication you can shake this up with this Nutrition Cocktail Shaker.  Th..


Seau Timbale Champagne Bucket

Timbale Bucket, Wine Bucket, Champagne Bucket, many names but this bucket has great design. Made of ..


Churchill Hip Flask

This Churchill Hip Flask is great size that fits directly in your pocket or handbag.   You..


Memorabile Wine Grand Wine Set

This wine set is a a great for the wine connoisseur who is serious about drinking wine.  This 8..


Eye Chart Cocktail Shaker

Use this handy eye chart on this cocktail shaker to determine how great your eye sight is.  Whe..


Ice Stick "Vinotas" Wine Chiller

Perfect addition to your wine accessories, this wine chiller is perfect for keeping that white wine ..