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Electric Cocktail Shaker

Electric Cocktail Shaker

You don't have to be mixologist to use this cocktail shaker.  The cocktail shaker makes it easy to concoct that perfect cocktail.   Just put in the ingredients of your favorite cocktail add ice press the button and let the shaker do its thing, push the button again and pour the well blended drink in  a glass and enjoy.  It's that easy...the high powered 6500 rpm motor blends the perfect drink and can mix up to 100 cocktails before need the battery changed.

Product Details

  • Holds 18 ounces 
  • High Powered 6500 rpm motor 
  • Plastic Body 
  • lid stainless and plastic
  • Made in France
  • Wash and dry parts by hand
  • Not Dishwasher safe

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