Wild Eye Designs

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Billiards Shot Glass set of 15

You have never played billiards quite like this.  Take a shot at an old game with these bi..


Nutrition Cocktail Shaker

With 2400g of total intoxication you can shake this up with this Nutrition Cocktail Shaker.  Th..


RX Cocktail shaker

Get that fix with this prescription by Dr. Al Koholic, the Boozemin RX cocktail shaker requires no r..


Science shot glass Bar Set

If you’re the kind to experiment with your mixed drinks, the Science Chemistry Shot Glass Set w..


OMG - Shot Glass Set

If you can read this shot glass then maybe you should quit taking shots. Well maybe not.  These..


Facebook Likes - shot Glasses set

How to get more Facebook likes.  First grab one of these shot glass and share with your friends..


Eye Chart Cocktail Shaker

Use this handy eye chart on this cocktail shaker to determine how great your eye sight is.  Whe..