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Coffee & Tea

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Glass Water Kettle - Classic

This glass stove top kettle with glass lid is perfect for any kitchen, you can watch the water ..


Office Cup XL w/o Handle (set of 2) - RARE

This set of glasses are identical to the Office Mug XL but without the handle.  A set of 2 glas..


Ouessant Tea Mug with Infuser Out Of Stock

Ouessant Tea Mug with Infuser

This mug is a great take on classic French design.  The Ouessant collect has now added a tea mu..


Pour Over Kettle 1.2L

If you enjoy making pour-over coffee this kettle will be a welcome addition to your brewing process...


Stovetop Glass Water Kettle w/Stainless Lid - Classic

With this glass water kettle, you can watch your water go from cold to boil.  Great clear glass..


Trendglas Jena Office Mug

Basic in its design, the Office  mug is the little brother of the standard office xl mug and ho..


Trendglas-Jena Glass Water Kettle 1.2L

This water kettle from trendglas-Jena gets its inspiration from the Nova teapot.  The tapered b..




6 letters for a slogan that slams !! GIRL POWER. Encourage and celebrate your strength, independenc..


Coffee Maker BRASIL I - G

This coffee maker from Trendglas-Jena is the perfect size for that pour over coffee pot.  Holds..



This MIKO cup is the smaller version of the ever popular Jumbo cup.  Holds just under 7 ounces ..


Jumbo Tea Cup with Saucer

This Jumbo tea cup is very lightweight, yet very durable.  The Jumbo drinking cup holds 13.5 ou..


Milk Frothing Pitcher

The art of frothing milk is easy to master with the Milk Frothing Jug.  The wide base allows fo..


Narrow German Glass Cup Set of 6 - Trendglas JENA Sold Out!

Narrow German Glass Cup Set of 6 - Trendglas JENA

This set of Tea Glasses are the perfect set for sharing that tea with a group of friends. Suitable f..


Narrow German Glass with Handle - Set of 6 cups Trendglas JENA

This set of Tea Glasses are the perfect set for sharing coffee and tea with a group of friend or off..


Small German Glass Mug set of 6

  This mug is great for serving coffee or teas.  Constructed with Trendglas Jena borosilic..