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ANGELO for Mobile Phone - Smartphone Guardian Angel

The Angelo family has grown to now include this decretive mobile phone plug. Used in the standard he..


Business Card Holder

Keep those business cards well protected with this business card holder.  A great gift for your..


Disc Handbag Holder

Keep your handbag off the floor!The DISC Handbag Holder is attractive and elegantly designed. The ta..


Giorgio - Tie Case

Sometimes, it’s the little details that decide whether an appearance is favorable. A wrinkled tie ca..


NIC Business Card Holder

This elegant business card dispenser that boasts a preview window, large enough hold credit car..



Now you can touch that keypad!  The safety touch allows you to touch all the surface that come ..


Travel Habana Humidor

Humidor small enough to take on a vacation or on a business trip.  Philippi design is made of s..