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Golden Boy - Sommelier Corkscrew

Golden Boy - Sommelier Corkscrew

The Golden Boy Sommelier Corkscrew is a revisited design of the traditional Sommelier praised by all "Garçons de cafe" in Paris in its gold-plated version: nice curves, pleasant handling and easy to take away to open all your bottles!

The curved design combines style with ergonomics, this iconicLe Garçon sommelier’s corkscrew from L’Atelier du Vin is now the GoldenBoy with a golden Champagne colored finish.

The Golden Boy has an easy grip providing pleasant handling and in a practical size to slip in the pocket, this is the perfect corkscrew for opening all bottles. 18 K gold-plated and stainless steel.How to use it ? Cut the foil with the cutting wheel that is placed under the corkscrew’s bodyPosition the screw tip at the centre of the cork and twist down to the red dotFirmly hold the leverage arm on the edge of the bottle neck Pull up the handle until the cork is released.

Product Information

  • Gold Plated Steel 
  • Foil Cutter 
  • French Design
  • L'Atelier du Vin Golden Boy

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